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11/18 – NYU Legacy Tournament Report

Tonight, I hosted my very own Legacy event at NYU. I have hosted tournaments here before and the turnout has always been small. Although tonight’s event had 6 players, I am confident that future events will continue to be more successful. In an unknown meta, I sleeved up the following Lands deck that I had […]

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Grub Lands or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Lands

So me and you will jump to legacy and leave the crappy modern/standard behind? lol I used to run Jund in Modern. I crippled opponents’ hands with , run over their boards with , and cascaded with into two-for-ones. Jund’s overwhelming power carved out a comfortable space for me at the top of my playgroup, […]

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Mana Symbol Stained Glass Cookies

So, I don’t play Magic, but I bake Magic treats which probably signals to some people that I’m a Magic player’s significant other. Anyway, I saw this Youtube video of someone making stained glass cookies for Splatoon characters and immediately thought that the technique would work great for mana symbols cookies. So, after staying up […]

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