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04/01 – Vegas GPT Tournament Report

On Saturday, I played in my first sanctioned Legacy tournament in a few months. Grand Prix Vegas is going to have Legacy as one of its three main events. After pre-registeration, I directed my attention to local Grand Prix Trials to try to earn two byes. The first was at Geekery HQ a wonderful shop out […]

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11/18 – NYU Legacy Tournament Report

Tonight, I hosted my very own Legacy event at NYU. I have hosted tournaments here before and the turnout has always been small. Although tonight’s event had 6 players, I am confident that future events will continue to be more successful. In an unknown meta, I sleeved up the following Lands deck that I had […]

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Boiled Eggs and Chord of Calling

There aren’t many better ways to start a Sunday than Charles treating me to Palladium brunch. The vast choices this week include packaged fruit salad, boiled eggs benedict, and boiled brisket. To be fair, my friend managed to pull one nicely poached egg from the tray. In an attempt to stay healthy, I had a […]

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